The Right to Receive Under the Freedom of Speech


The topic of this paper is“the right to receive”. I have prepared this paper based on my research of U.S. constitutional law and have no intention to make a comparative study between U.S. laws and R.O.C. laws. The purpose is to study the underlying basis and nature of the right to receive in order to clarify the question of whether freedom of speech actually protects a listener’s independent right to receive. If such an Independent right does exist, certain speech on the grounds that the listeners have the right to receive the speech in question will then be protected without considering whether the speaker has the right to speak.

(本文收錄於《The Evolving U.S. constitution:1787~1987》一書,頁359-374;以上文字內容擷取自本文頁359。)


本文收錄於:《The Evolving U.S. Constitution 1787-1987》


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